Why Choose Our Shared Hosting Instead of a VPS!

VPS Servers are small, with limited resources, and many customers are not qualified to address server security and maintenance. So why do so many people recommend a VPS?

You should know that the website community has begun to lose faith in shared hosting because many hosts have adopted predatory pricing, promising unlimited accounts, space and bandwidth for cheap hosting accounts. They foster bad practices, like stacking accounts with add-on domains, making them vulnerable to hackers. They also use buzzwords and drop product names to mislead customers.

New customers don’t know how to compare hosting services because the buzzwords and ad copy make everything sound the same at different price points, when in fact, hosting services vary greatly from company to company, The industry is saturated by these disgusting practices. Predictably, this causes overloaded, unsafe hosting environments that attract unsuspecting customers who get burned. It has given shared hosting a bad name.

In response, the website community has shifted their trust to VPS servers, feeling that a small, limited server that delivers minimal resources is better than a bloated, predatory service that is even worse. Many choose a VPS when they don’t have the experience to work on their own server, trusting that the server will just manage itself, or the provider will spend hours each month maintaining a cheap VPS. Obviously, no company can spend adequate time each month to maintain a product they sell for pennies a day. Sadly, many hosting customers don’t know any better.

There are some unique circumstances where a seasoned server pro can benefit by choosing a VPS. Generally, because they have special needs. There is a place in the market for VPS services, but it is a small niche, and not for the fledgling consumer. There is too much hype around the VPS market and not enough genuine value for the average customer or small hosting company.

Fortunately, there is a third option. Instant Access provides fast, secure, reliable services that are faster and more trusted. We do not engage in predatory pricing models like tricky multi-year discounts and unlimited everything. Our rates are inexpensive, providing enough space for typical websites, with reasonable limits that discourage customers who abuse servers.

The result is ultra-fast hosting with excellent security you can rely on. In fact, 98% of Instant Access customers that move from a VPS experience a significant increase in speed, often more than doubling load speeds! All without any of the server maintenance responsibilities. Now that’s real value.

Give better hosting a try. Come home to Instant Access.